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Since its formation in 1984, FOBS has endeavoured to inspire and inform its members and the public about the joys of gardening. In addition to the lectures, demonstrations and tours, FOBS members have contributed to the production of an intermittent series of publications. These are available in pdf format - see below. As these are historic documents, it must be borne in mind that some of the plants and features described may no longer be found in the Botanical Gardens. Copyright remains with the Friends of the Botanical Gardens, Sheffield (FOBS).
Leaflets about the National Collections of Weigela, Diervilla and Sarcococca and a tour of the Coniferous trees in the Gardens are currently available in the Education Centre.
Contact: FOBS Historian

The FOBS website has been running since 2010, items of news and photographs have been archived, the feature 'Plant of the Month' commenced in 2012.

1986 A stroll around Sheffield's Botanical Gardens

PDF Download
1986 A stroll round
Botanical Gardens

FOBS Leaflet Gardening in Dry Shade

PDF Download
FOBS Leaflet No.1
Gardening in
Dry Shade

FOBS Leaflet Hardy Bulbs for Sheffield

PDF Download
FOBS Leaflet No.2
Hardy Bulbs
for Sheffield

FOBS Leaflet Ornamental Grasses

PDF Download
1991 FOBS Leaflet


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