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Acacia longifolia - April 2017

Acacia longifolia K Keeton
Acacia longifolia K Keeton

All the plant books say that Acacia longifolia and its nearby cousin, Acacia retinodes, are tender plants, so it is really wonderful and unusual to see them in full flower in Sheffield Botanical Gardens. You are more likely to see them in the central dome of the Glass Pavilions. However, both these shrubs/small trees may be found in the Mediterranean Climate Garden (area L on the map). This garden, planted nearly 4 years ago, is giving us some real surprises.

Acacia longifolia, otherwise known as the Sydney Golden Wattle is native to New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia where it grows on sandstone. The golden wattle is a fast growing bushy shrub or small tree. The leaves are long, evergreen held on branches smothered in fragrant golden yellow flowers at the end of the winter.

The plant was originally collected by Joseph Banks, the botanist, on Captain James Cook’s exploration of Australia in 1770.

Acacia longifolia
Area L - Mediterranean Garden
©K. Keeton

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